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AUTC is one of the Top-three factories with full automatic production line. Monthly production capacity of 100,000 pieces. All machines are in good quality, with exported standard,with great convenience of transportation and specialixed in the packing tape research,development and production.


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AUTC company has advanced production management and also continue to do technical innovations. OEM and ODM cooperation is also welcome. We are not only successful sales in China, but also exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, including: USA, Germany, Japan, Italy, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Turkey and other countries. The products with good quality are subject to a great welcome and praise.


Anhui Uniform Trading Co.Ltd factory production line 0Anhui Uniform Trading Co.Ltd factory production line 1Anhui Uniform Trading Co.Ltd factory production line 2


1 Nanoelectronics, Optoelectronics And Magnetics
The Macroscopic Tunneling Effect Of Nanoparticles Has Established The Limits Of Miniaturization Of Microelectronic Devices. The Limit Will Be Reached Within Ten Years. The Idea Of ​​Solving Nanoelectronic Circuits Can Be Divided Into Two Categories At Present. One Is To Use The Quantum Entanglement State In The Two-Photon Beam Technology In The Integrated Circuit Fabricated By The Photolithography Method, And It Is Possible To Reduce The Limit Of The Device To 25nm. The Other Is To Develop New Materials To Replace Silicon, Using Protein Diodes And Carbon Nanotubes As Leads And Molecular Wires. Single-Atom Manipulation Is An Important Way For The Formation Of New Concept Devices.
2 Nanomedicine And Biology
From Proteins, Dna, Rna To Viruses, They Are All In The Scale Range Of 1-100 Nm, So Nanostructures Are Also The Basic Things In Life Phenomena. Organelles And Other Structural Units In Cells Are "Nano-Machines" That Perform Certain Functions. Cells Are Like "Nano-Workshops", And Photosynthesis In Plants Are Typical Examples Of "Nano-Factories". The Size Of Nanoparticles Is Often Smaller Than Cells And Red Blood Cells In Living Organisms, Which Provides New Opportunities For Medical Research.
The Biochips Being Developed Include Cell Chips, Protein Chips (Biomolecular Chips) And Gene Chips (Ie Dna Chips), All Of Which Have The Advantages Of Integration, Parallelism And Rapid Detection, And Have Become The Cutting-Edge Technology Of Nanobioengineering. There Will Be Direct Applications In Clinical Diagnosis, Drug Development And Human Genetic Diagnosis. After Being Implanted Into The Human Body, People Can Enjoy Medical Treatment Anytime And Anywhere, And The Precursor Information Of The Disease Can Be Found In The Dynamic Detection, Making Early Diagnosis And Prevention Possible.
Nano Ward Does Not Harm Normal Tissues Or Remove Thrombus And Fatty Deposits In Cardiovascular And Cerebrovascular Vessels, And Can Even Use It To Phagocytose Viruses And Kill Cancer Cells. The Other Type Is Nanomaterials Developed By Utilizing The Activity Of Biomolecules. They Can Be Used In Other Nanotechnology Or Biomaterials Instead Of Being Used In Living Organisms. One Type Is Nanomaterials Suitable For Living Organisms. Materials, Such As Various Nanosensors, Are Used For Early Diagnosis, Monitoring And Treatment Of Diseases. Various Nanomechanical Systems Can Quickly Identify The Location Of The Disease And Inject Drugs Into Microfabrication In A Targeted Manner.
3 Application In National Defense Technology
Nanotechnology Will Have A Revolutionary Impact On The Defense And Military Field. For Example: Nanoelectronic Devices Will Be Used For Virtual Training Systems And Real-Time Contact On The Battlefield; Nano-Detection Systems For Chemical, Biological, And Nuclear Weapons; New Nanomaterials Can Improve The Strike And Protection Capabilities Of Conventional Weapons; Robots Can Complete Special Reconnaissance And Strike Missions; Hundreds Of Nano-Satellites Can Be Launched From A Small Carrier Rocket To Form A Satellite Network According To Different Orbits To Monitor Every Corner Of The Earth And Make The Battlefield More Transparent. The Application Of Nanomaterials In Stealth Technology Is Particularly Eye-Catching.
In Radar Stealth Technology, The Preparation Of Ultra-High Frequency Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Materials Is The Key. Nanomaterials Are Being Developed As A New Generation Of Stealth Materials.
4 Reinforcement And Toughening Of Nano-Ceramics
Advanced Ceramic Materials Play An Irreplaceable Role In Harsh Environments Such As High Temperature And Strong Corrosion. However, Brittleness Is An Insurmountable Weakness Of Ceramic Materials. Nanoceramics With Metal-Like Superplasticity Are The Focus Of Attention In Nanomaterials Research. At Present, The Preparation Of Nano-Ceramic Powders Is Relatively Mature, New Processes And New Methods Are Constantly Emerging, And The Production Scale Has Been Achieved. The Preparation Methods Of Nano-Ceramic Powder Mainly Include Gas Phase Method, Liquid Phase Method, High-Energy Ball Milling Method, Etc. The Gas Phase Method Includes Inert Gas Condensation Method, Plasma Method, Gas Pyrolysis Method, Electron Beam Evaporation Method, Etc. Liquid Phase Methods Include Chemical Precipitation Method, Alkoxide Hydrolysis Method, Sol-Gel Method, Hydrothermal Method, Etc.
5 Applications In Catalysis
Catalysts Play A Pivotal Role In Many Chemical And Chemical Fields, Which Can Control Reaction Time, Improve Reaction Efficiency And Reaction Speed. Nanoparticles Are Widely Used As Catalysts In Semiconductor Photocatalysts, Especially In The Preparation Of Organic Substances.
6. Application In Coating
Due To The Particularity Of Its Surface And Structure, Nanomaterials Have Excellent Properties That Are Difficult To Obtain From General Materials, And Show Strong Vitality. Surface Coating Technology Is Also A Hot Spot In The World Today. Nanomaterials Provide A Good Opportunity For Surface Coating, Making The Functionalization Of Materials Very Possible. With The Help Of Traditional Coating Technology, Nano-Materials Can Be Added To Obtain Nano-Composite System Coating, Which Realizes A Leap In Function And Makes The Function Of Traditional Coating Modified. Nano-Coating Has Good Application Prospects, Which Will Bring A New Technological Revolution To Coating Technology, And Will Also Promote The Research, Development And Application Of Composite Materials.
7. Application In Other Fine Chemicals
Fine Chemical Industry Is A Huge Industrial Field With A Large Number Of Products, A Wide Range Of Uses, And Affects All Aspects Of Human Life. The Superiority Of Nanomaterials Will Undoubtedly Bring Good News To Fine Chemical Industry And Show Its Unique Strength. Nanomaterials Can Play An Important Role In Fine Chemical Fields Such As Rubber, Plastics, And Coatings.
Nanoscience Is An Emerging Science That Integrates Basic Science And Applied Science, Mainly Including Nanoelectronics, Nanomaterials And Nanobiology. The 21st Century Will Be The Era Of Nanotechnology. The Application Of Nanomaterials Involves Various Fields And Has Broad Application Prospects In The Fields Of Mechanics, Electronics, Optics, Magnetism, Chemistry And Biology. The Birth Of Nanoscience And Technology Will Have A Profound Impact On Human Society, And It Is Possible To Fundamentally Solve Many Problems Faced By Human Beings, Especially Major Issues Such As Energy, Human Health And Environmental Protection. Nanomaterials Will Become A Shining Star In The Field Of Materials Science And Will Play A Pivotal Role In New Materials, Energy, Information And Other Fields. With The Continuous Development Of Its Preparation And Modification Technology, Nanomaterials Will Be Increasingly Widely Used In Many Fields Such As Fine Chemicals And Pharmaceutical Production.
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